The Utah State School Board consists of 15 elected members, one from each school district. In addition to the 15 elected members, two members of the State Board of Regents serve as non-voting members. They are appointed by the chair of the Board of Regents and serve without a set term. Elected board members serve 4 year terms. The State Board must meet at least 11 times a year to conduct its business. Current members of the State School Board are found at

Utah School Board Districts up for Election in 2010: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 14, & 15

Election ProcessEdit

The process for electing State Board members is determined by the State Legislature. Currently, the Governor appoints members to Nominating and Recruiting Committees for each school district by May 1. The Governor will designate one member to serve as chair of each committee, which is composed of 7 members: one teacher, one administrator, one representative of a parent association, one local school board member, and 3 representatives of the community. The Lt. Governor will then submit a list of all individuals who filed a declaration of candidacy to the chair of the nominating committee by June 1. The nominating committee then has until August 1 to submit a list of up to five, but no fewer than three candidates for the State Board of Education to the Governor. The Governor will select two of these candidates to be placed on the ballot by September 1. The public then votes between the two candidates in the general election. Candidates are non-partisan.

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Name County District Phone Email Notes
Keith M. Buswell Weber 2 801-737-0702
Richard H. Favero Weber 2 801-731-1463
Lisa Galvez Weber 2 801-392-8591
Monty B. Hardy Weber 2 801-731-6566
David A. Hicken Weber 2 801-627-1177
Ann Meeks Weber 2 801-786-1952
Burtis J. Bills Salt Lake 3 801-465-4040
Douglas G. Bowen Salt Lake 3 801-798-2289
Craig E. Coleman Salt Lake 3 801-754-3655
Robert E. H. Enger Salt Lake 3 801-558-7945
D. Clark Turner Salt Lake 3 801-465-4830
Kim R. Burningham Davis 5 801-292-9261
Diane Smith Cales Davis 5 801-797-9572
Nicole Toomey Davis Davis 5 801-550-6642
Ruland Gill Davis 5 801-292-3842
Aneladee J. Milne Davis 5 801-864-2893
Lisa Reed Davis 5 801-296-5830
Randy C. Smith Davis 5 801-923-8358
Brad Walters Davis 5 801-593-9377
Lawrence Wright Davis 5 801-386-9633
Hank Bertoch Salt Lake 6 801-569-5368
John H. Hohlbauch Salt Lake 6 801-250-0070
Michael G. Jensen Salt Lake 6 801-955-5550
Joel Coleman Salt Lake 9 801-634-6251
Daniel Steven Isham Salt Lake 9 801-608-5222
Denis R. Morrill Salt Lake 9 801-969-2334
Milton C. Witt Salt Lake 9 801-815-4805
Laurel O. Brown Salt Lake 10 801-261-4221
Dixie Lee Allen Uintah 14 435-789-0534
Virginia Yazzie Howard San Pete 14 435-462-0113
Michael R. "Mike" Miles Sevier 14 435-527-4741
John Thayne Duchesne 14 435-454-3211
Tom Jett Iron 15 435-590-2865
Debra G. Roberts Beaver 15 435-438-5843
Paul B. Terry Iron 15 435-477-0127

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