I am currently in the Arizona Army National Guard. I will be an official candidate on March 29, 2005. I returned from Iraq on March 15, 2006.

I believe our soldiers should be brought back from Iraq and that we should go where we should have been in the first place: to Afghanistan so that we can bring back the real architects of 9/11. I'm not for enriching corporate lobbyist and cronies with no bid contracts.

I'm for actually fighting the War on Terror and not letting it be hijacked by some of the current leaders that we have to enrich their personal friends (war profiteers) with the blood money and again with no bid contracts to corporations such as KBR and others disgraceful war profiteers.

I believe I will make an effective candidate because I will bring up issues that I have seen as a working class person that wealthy powerful corporate candidates don't know about or could care less about because it does not make their lobbyist and crony friends more blood money. To myself, family issues are the most important theme of my campaign and economic issues come second. I believe that the other candidates are too connected and addicted to the big banks and multi-national corporations whose interests aren't necessarily in the best interest of the American people or their security. Let me emphasize this : My campaign promise to you the American people is that I will not lessen the security of our great nation by handing over assets that are potentially serious threats to our national security such as the Dubai Ports deal which is scandalous and shows just how corrupt some of our leaders have now become.

For more information on myself feel free to contact me at : Thank you, for your interest, Leonard Clark Soon to be Candidate for the U.S. Senate In Arizona

(the Damn Liberal) elementary teacher and Desert Shield/Storm, OIF III Veteran :)