Jerry McNerney can defeat Pombo in 2006 Edit

Richard Pombo is vulnerable. Jerry’s performance in the 2004 election, despite the fact that he got started just weeks before the primary election, had no prior name recognition, and had no support from the national Democratic Party showed that Pombo is vulnerable. However, several new developments have further weakened Pombo:

1. High publicity ethics problems have plagued Pombo a. In September 2005, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Richard Pombo one of the 3 most corrupt politicians in Congress. (NY Times). b. More recently, the Center for Public Integrity accused Pombo of taking junkets paid for by an anti-conservation group. (NY Times) c. Pombo paid his wife and brother $500,000 of campaign funds for their “work” on his campaigns since 2001.

2. Pombo has failed to deliver for his district despite his powerful position as Chairman of the House Resources Committee a. Levees: The delta’s levee system, much of which lies in the 11th district is in dangerous need of repair and was ignored by Pombo until the Katrina disaster. b. Highways: Highway 205 connecting I-580 and I-5 continues to be the most congested artery in the District. Yes, the 2005 Federal Transportation Bill has no money targeted to widen 205. c. Air Quality: Air quality in the San Joaquin Valley is now considered among the worst in the nation. d. Education: Education in San Joaquin County is not even a subject of interest to Richard Pombo despite low test scores. e. Unemployment: The unemployment rate in San Joaquin County is twice the unemployment of California as a whole.

3. Environmentalists from around the nation are determined to help defeat Pombo.

4. Pombo faces significant opposition from Republican former US Congressman Pete McClosky.

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Jerry McNerney is positioned to defeat Pombo. Edit

1. McNerney impressed District 11 voters in 2004 by his courage in standing up to challenge Pombo, alone—before it was popular to do so and when it appeared that Pombo was untouchable. Because of the success of his campaign in 2004, he earned recognition as one of the 20 Top Congressional Challengers in the Country. McNerney now has name recognition throughout the district, a valuable advantage no other challenger enjoys.

2. Jerry’s Grassroots Campaign is already broad, organized and active.

3. McNerney receives donations from over 700 individuals; more than half are from within the district which shows the depth of his grassroots support.

4. Jerry is an energy expert and has developed a plan for the nation that will end our dependence on foreign oil and create a prosperous economic base within the district.

5. Jerry is in front of the Iraq war issue with a clear and forceful statement calling for a public timetable for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq, while preparing Iraq for the transition by training of Iraqi military and police officers outside of Iraq.

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