S.B. 43 - Insurance Coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorders - Clay's Law


This bill requires requires that a health benefit plan provide coverage for treatment of autism spectrum disorders, and describes minimum coverage amounts and limits for the insurance coverage.

Key PointsEdit

  • This bill uses the coercive force of government to require an action of a private party (a health insurance provider). This is an interventionist mandate--not the hallmark of a liberty-oriented society. Sure, it may be a good idea. But government should not require it: let the marketplace provide it.
  • This bill benefits one segment of society, while disadvantaging the rest. Such is not the proper role of government.
  • This bill will tend to increase the price of health insurance, which may render it unavailable to some families.
  • If legislators want to "do something" about this problem, they could certainly investigate the dangers of immunization. There is some evidence of a causal relationship between immunization and autism.


Members of the state legislature who value liberty should oppose this bill.

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