HB 67 - Health System Amendments by Rep. Carl Wimmer

What this bill doesEdit

This bill:

Prohibits implementation of federal health care reform made after March 1st, 2010, unless
The state legislature approves implementation of specific provisions.
Requires the legislature to obtain a report of the impact of any provisions being considered for implementation.

This bill notes that the state has already begun the process of reforming health care within the state to address Utahns unique needs and asserts that the problems of health care cannot be solved generally by the federal government. The negative impact federal health care reform would have on individual liberties is stated as justification for this legislation.

Thoughts about the billEdit

Because every federal health care reform bill that has been introduced has flagrantly disregarded and even attacked the individual rights of Americans, it is essential that this sort of legislation be passed. Opponents to this bill assert that it will create problems for existing health care programs so it should be noted that this bill only covers legislation made after March 1st and will not affect programs already in place such as Medicaid and funding for medical training programs. It is in fact, a very effective way to deal with the problem of federal intervention in health care because it still allows provisions to be accepted-after a careful analysis of the impact they will have on Utahns. It may well be the most important legislation introduced in Utah's legislature this year and deserves hearty support from all Utahns.