The Utah Campaign for Liberty is seeking volunteers to review pending 2009 legislation and to add their comments to this site. Share this web site with your fellow citizens, and urge them to contact their representatives and ask them to support or oppose the legislation or offer amendments as appropriate.

Below are bills that have been reviewed. More will be added as reviews are completed.

House BillsEdit

Tracking # Sponsor Description Reviewer
H.B. 81 Rep. Sandstrom, S. Health Care Patient Identity Protection Meili Tark
H.B. 13 Rep. Seelig, J. Crime of Strangulation or Smothering GOUtah

Senate BillsEdit

Tracking # Sponsor Description Reviewer
S.B. 13 Sen. Dayton, M. Administering Substances to Wildlife Meili Tark
S.B. 32 Sen. McCoy, S. Wrongful Death Amendments Utah Eagle Forum
S.B. 43 Sen. Stephenson, H. Insurance Coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorders - Clay's Law Lowell Nelson
S.B. 96 Sen. McCoy, S. Concealed Firearm Permit Residency Requirement GOUtah, Leonard Wojcik


Add your name below, along with the bills you intend to review. Then read each bill, noting its key points, its pros and cons, and whether it should be supported or opposed.

Reviewer Bills to review
Bruce Bolingbroke Bills sponsored by Rep. Kevin Garn (HD16), Rep. Tim Cosgrove (HD44), Sen. Greg Bell (SD22)
Meili Tark Bills sponsored by Rep. Steve Sandstrom (HD58) and Sen. Margaret Dayton (SD15)
Shane Baker Bills sponsored by Rep. Evan Vickers (HD72)
GOUtah Bills relating to firearms